June 18, 2008

Beasley insider: Star is ready for draft

While Chicago and Miami continue to buzz amid the possibility of likely selecting either Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose in the NBA Draft, Beasley, according to a source close to him, is "ready to move forward" and discover his NBA home during the June 28 NBA Draft. Damon Handon, general manager for D.C. Assault, was with Beasley during the NBA Draft Lottery and will be among the family and friends on hand to support the former Kansas State superstar at the draft next Thursday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Handon, of course, doesn't know if Beasley will go to the Bulls or the Heat. But he has his opinion.

During an interview with GoPowercat.com on Wednesday, Handon said he knew he even garnered a few seconds of fame in a Beasley video -- the ESPN Original Digital titled, "The Rookie: Michael Beasley Episode 1," which hit the Web site Tuesday.

Handon just hadn't yet seen the video.

In short, the five-minute video starts with a clip of Beasley's summer workouts with Texas A&M's DeAndre Jordan at Drexel University in Philadelphia under basketball trainer John Hardnett.

It breaks to a clip that features Beasley sauntering into The Adidas Store on South Street ("It's hot, it's hot!" Beasley said), then to Boyds Philadelphia, where a camera catches Beasley turning from a mirror in a dark suit ("I want everybody in America to know I tied my own tie," he said) while the superstar poses for photos with onlookers.

Next, Beasley rests on a couch inside the home of D.C. Assault President Curtis Malone (his godfather) in Washington, D.C. on May 20 while watching the Chicago Bulls win the NBA Draft Lottery. (Handon is seen with 1:07 remaining in the video wearing a black two-button collared polo with white stripes, shaking Beasley's hand.) The final minute of the video features a congratulatory phone call from K-State forward Darren Kent in which Beasley replies into his cell phone, "Why do you want me to go to Minnesota so bad?"

Finally, Beasley concludes the video, stating into the camera, "From here on out, it's time to put it into overdrive."

And, according to Handon, Beasley has been operating in overdrive while maintaining the carefree and good-natured approach that endeared him to K-State fans and has become an area of interest to national media.

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