February 10, 2009

Underrated Offensive Stars

Of course 2010 is already coming into focus for Oklahoma but SoonerScoop.com isn't' done with the class of 2009 as further evaluation is still in order. Oklahoma may have signed a defensive heavy class but that doesn't mean there aren't highlights for the Sooners group of players on the offensive side of the ball. Have a look at these 10 highlights to get a feel of just what Oklahoma is bringing to campus this fall.

1. Drew Allen, QB - - :05 - Few things have gone more under appreciated in this class than just what an athlete Allen is. This touchdown run shows him with not only good speed, but some natural running ability.

2. Marshall Musil, FB - - 2:16 - Some of Oklahoma's best teams have featured under appreciated fullbacks who could get a yard or two no matter the difficulty. This run makes it seem as though Musil could be the next in line.

3. Tyler Evans, OT - - :05 - Evans has been questioned at times for his ability to move his feet but his showing in this reel as not only a moveable mountain but also one who can identify assignments on the run is a good rebuttal to those questions.

4. Jaz Reynolds, WR - - :27 - Reynolds shows some good burst and a better change of direction than most would give him credit for.

5. Jonathon Miller, RB - - :32 - This clip shows off the ability to get to the corner as well as a great understanding of beating angles and baiting defenders into bad ones.

6. Cameron Kenney, WR - - :40 - You just don't see many one-handed catches, it had to be on the list.

7. Jaz Reynolds, WR - - :16 - This is a play where Reynolds has the chance to turn up the field and separate two deep defenders. It's another chance for him to show speed he sometimes doesn't get credit for.

8. Drew Allen, QB - - 2:00 - This not only is a chance for Allen to show off some serious arm strength but also nice touch and his ability to learn the fine details with a nice pump fake.

9. Gabe Ikard, TE - - :05 - Ikard is well known as a blocker but probably doesn't get enough credit for his tremendous hands, this highlight is a nice example.

10. Cameron Kenney, WR - - :05 - Kenney shows off great speed here and an ability to scare teams should Oklahoma want to use him as a punter -where he was an All-American- or better yet as a guy who can fake a punt from time to time.

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