December 2, 2009

Rivalry game outcome not factor for 4-star Wells

The importance of picking the correct college home is beginning to sink in with Matthew Wells.

The four-star prospect from Monticello (Lawrence County), Miss., watched his two leaders - Ole Miss and Mississippi State - in action Saturday in the annual rivalry game, and Wells will receive in-home visits from both schools by the end of the week. The Bulldogs met Wells' family Monday, and Ole Miss takes its turn Wednesday.

Safeties coach Kim Dameron will represent the Rebels.

"State was here yesterday and just tried to sell me on the whole program," Wells said. "Ole Miss is coming tomorrow, and I'm interested to see how it compares. I've been to some games, but this is when you can really let them meet the family and get to know them."

The long recruiting process is close to entering the final stretch, and Wells is attempting to keep a broad view when comparing his options. The Egg Bowl had been a game Wells was looking forward to for some time, but the outcome didn't have a major impact. MSU's 41-27 win is virtually offset by Ole Miss' better overall season.

"It was a cool game, but it didn't really do anything or much at least to swing me or make me decide where to go," Wells said.

"Ole Miss had a bad day, but everybody has a bad day every now and then, so it was cool. (McCluster) is a senior just like Dixon, and there's opportunity at Ole Miss just like Mississippi State. They're going to a bowl, so of course they are someone you have to look at hard."

Wells scheduled his official visit to Mississippi State for January 15-17, and based on other Mississippi prospects' visit dates, Ole Miss will likely push for Wells to travel to Oxford for that official visit January 22-24.

"I have a decent idea where I'm going to end up, but it's not over," Wells said. "It'll come down to official visits because I want to make sure. I'm doing to do a little more research. A leader right now isn't necessarily a big deal before visits. But even so, I've liked both teams, and Saturday didn't change that.

"It's a big decision, and it's hard."

Wells will host Southern Mississippi for an in-home visit Thursday, and the Golden Eagles will also get an official visit.

The 6-foot, ,190-pounder is rated by as the No. 7 overall prospect in Mississippi, the No. 20 athlete nationally and the No. 246 overall prospect nationally for the 2010 class.

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