March 1, 2013

Lapses leaving Barbee frustrated

AUBURN | Tony Barbee isn't one to burden players with a long list of rules.

Still, effort isn't negotiable.

The Auburn coach has been frustrated during the past few weeks with unexpectedly frequent lapses in defensive judgment. He sees too many players making fundamental errors that are most easily attributed to lax effort or attention. Barbee has a simple solution for those missteps.

That player will be sent to the bench as soon as possible. No questions asked.

"It's not the mistake; it's the effort. It's the attention to detail," Barbee said. "If you make a mistake out of giving maximum effort, I can live with some things like that. If it's a mistake from being lazy or not paying attention or not being alert at all times, you make a mistake in those areas or a breakdown, you're coming out of the game." <

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