May 7, 2009

Roby now up to five offers

"Today Maryland was here and I get the feeling that they're about to offer because they talk to me a lot and talked to me before I came. They said that pretty much, if I was a legit 6-foot then they would offer me. He came today and they sized me up and was pretty happy with what they saw. They saw me practice a little bit, but we've got state tomorrow in track, so I couldn't hit or anything but I was out there running routes and stuff. So they so saw me and they said they were going to call me later.

"Vandy was here today, Coach Cain was here. Of course they've already offered me. South Carolina was here too and I've got an offer from them. They both just wanted to see me workout a little bit."

the feeling of the offers..

"It's kind both hectic and exciting at the same time because you've got to keep up with all the coaches and call them all the time and build relationships and stuff, so that's a little hectic. Still, it's exciting just to hear them say that we're offering you a scholarship. That's just exciting to know that is one more opportunity that I have."

track season..

"Tomorrow, I'm going to run in the 4x1 and the 4x4. I'm the anchor in the 4x4 and I'm the second leg in the 4x1, so that's what we've been practicing all week. We've been getting some good workouts in to get ready for that 4. We're just doing everything like normal track season, nothing real different. We are trying to layoff a little while and rest our legs for tomorrow."

planned visits..

"I've already been up to Ole Miss too for their junior day, so I pretty much already saw everything. I would like to go to South Carolina to see what they've got to offer and it's kind of close, so it's not that far away. Other than that, I think I might try to get up to West Virginia but that's kind of far so I'd probably have to get a plane or whatever. As of now, I just want to get a look at the schools that have offered me at least just once. I also want to go to Wake too. One of my teammates went up there for their junior day and he said he loved it so I want to see what it's about too."

other schools in contact

"Georgia and UCF seem close too. I talked to Coach Ball from Georgia the other day and he just told me how they're really, really interested in me and all that stuff and they are going to come to practice next week.

Oklahoma State as well. I feel that they are really close too. They came to our school two days ago and they came to my weight training class. Coach Matthews, I had talked to him before, so we had a prior relationship, so when they come during spring practice, they'll probably might offer."


"I'm kind of all going with the flow but Vanderbilt is just a little bit ahead because they offered me first and I've been up there and the coaches have shown me a ton of love and I just felt like that was a good place. I mean I'm not committing right now or anything, but they are just a little bit ahead of everybody else. I still haven't been to any of the other schools except for Ole Miss and when I went there I was kind of unknown. So now that I have an offer, it might be different but I'm just going to glow with the flow right now. Nothing's real serious right now."

spring football..

"We return a lot of starters from last year. We'll miss some big time players like Kevin Minter pretty much but other than that, I think we've come back pretty strong and our defense is still strong. Our offense is pretty good. Myself and another receiver have returned too, so we have our starting receivers and our offense line is good. Our starting quarterback has another year, another year of experience, so I think it's all positive. I think we can make another run at the state this year."

looking for

"Location, I want a school that's kind of around something. I mean, it doesn't have to be smack down in the middle of the city, but just a good community, good people around you and good fan base and stuff like that. I want good coaches too, that I believe will make me better. I mean the whole point to go to college is to get better at everything, so in terms of football, I would like someone who can try to better my skills and stuff. Also, somewhere that I could have a chance to play early. I mean, if I don't get to, I'm fine with just sitting back for a year or whatever but I would really like to get a chance to at least play early.

"Vandy's done that pretty much, they've said I'd have a pretty decent chance of getting some early action, early on. West Virginia has said that as well."


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