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Arkansas 4-star QB Commit KJ Jefferson Talks OV, SEC Prep

Arkansas's lone 2019 quarterback finally made his trip to Fayetteville for his official visit after putting it off during his senior season. After +4000 yards on a banged up ankle this season, Jefferson was granted a 4th star by Rivals, giving the class 12 4-stars and 11 3-stars, for a total of 23... so far.

"I think our recruiting class will really get things off the ground because of the athletes we have in all different areas," Jefferson said. "We can do what Chad Morris needs us to do, run his offense, do what he needs us to do on and off the field, so I feel like it’s a very good recruiting class coming to Arkansas.”

The gun-slinger from Mississippi got a chance to spend a lot of time with one of his future targets T.Q. Jackson and his future position coach Joe Craddock.

"Spending more time with Craddock was good since he’s my position coach," Jefferson said. "Having a really tight bond with coach Craddock really amazes me. My relationship with TQ is great, all the commits are in a group chat and all of us just talk and bond. TQ and I bonded the whole visit."


Jefferson said he loved the atmosphere in Fayetteville and loved the extra attention he got from fans being already committed to joining the Hogs. He was trying to join the team in January but explained how it just didn't work out.

"I started online classes but I did it too late so it was going to be impossible to get in early," Jefferson said. "It was a lot of hours and just too difficult to get everything in by Dec. 5."

The dual-threat quarterback has a ton of upside but still needs to refine the more technical aspects of his game, which he'll be focusing on until he finally gets to the Hill and starts competing with the quarterbacks who remain on the roster, which have yet to be determined.

"I’m just going to take that situation one day at a time," Jefferson said. "When I get up here I’m just going to have fun and compete. Soak up all the knowledge from the older guys and do my best to compete. I’ll be working on my footwork for the college level and mainly just having fun before I get here."

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