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Scoring Recap: No. 14 Arkansas 81, No. 3 Purdue 77

Bud Walton Arena prior to Arkansas' exhibition against Purdue.
Bud Walton Arena prior to Arkansas' exhibition against Purdue. (Riley McFerran)


A rundown of everything that happened during No. 14 Arkansas' overtime charity exhibition win against No. 3 Purdue...




G El Ellis

G Davonte Davis

G Tramon Mark

F Trevon Brazile

F Chandler Lawson


G Fletcher Loyer

G Braden Smith

G Lance Jones

F Trey Kaufman-Renn

C Zach Edey

First Half: 

Arkansas wins the tip and we are underway. The first points of the game come from a Trey Kaufman-Renn layup to give Purdue a 2-0 lead. Davonte Davis fouls Lance Jones on a three point shot. Jones knocks down two of the free throws to give Purdue a 4-0 lead.

Arkansas' first points come from a Davonte Davis layup. After a missed dunk and walk, Trevon Brazile is subbed out for Makhi Mitchell. Purdue extends its lead to 7-2 from a Braden Smith three pointer. Chandler Lawson hits Arkansas' first three pointer of the game to bring it to 7-5, Purdue.

TIMEOUT: No. 3 Purdue 10, No. 14 Arkansas 5, 14:15 in 1H.

Following the timeout, Jeremiah Davenport is inserted into the game for Davonte Davis. El Ellis converts a tough layup to get back in the scoring column. Ellis follows that up with a three point shot at the end of the buzzer to make it 12-10 Purdue. A stout defensive possession leads to a turnover and the crowd is calling the Hogs.

TIMEOUT: No. 3 Purdue 12, No. 14 Arkansas 10, 10:29 in 1H.

Coming out of the timeout, Khalif Battle hits a tough pullup midrange shot to tie it up. He follows that up with a steal and euro step layup and the Hogs lead 14-12. Zach Edey ties it back up with a layup under the rim.

Tramon Mark and Layden Blocker come into the game for El Ellis and Khalif Battle. Zach Edey has his second foul called on him. Blocker promtly hits a falling away laup to tie the game back up. Arkansas ball after a turnover, and Joseph Pinion comes into the game for Makhi Mitchell. Trevon Brazile is a freak. He takes an alley-oop and cashes it for a layup.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 18, No. 3 Purdue 16, 7:35 in 1H

Layden Blocker takes a backdoor pass and hits a layup out of the timeout. Trevon Brazile and Chandler Lawson come out for Makhi Mitchell and Khalif Battle. Arkansas forces a walk and it has the chance to take the lead.

El Ellis is subbed in for Joseph Pinion. After a few defensive possessions, Purdue ends the scoring drought with two Braden Smith free throws. Tramon Mark gets a high-flying block and Khalif Battle hits a layup on the other end to tie the game back up.

TIMEOUT: No. 3 Purdue 22, No. 14 Arkansas 22, 3:46 in 1H

Out of the timeout, El Ellis makes a contested layup to give the Hogs the lead. Tramon Mark then follows up with a pullup jumper. The Hogs have their biggest lead of the game at six following a Makhi Mitchell layup.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas, 28, No. 3 Purdue 22, 2:29 in 1H

Some good defensive possessions eventually lead to a Trey Kaufman-Renn layup to make it 28-24, Arkansas. Right after that, Jeremiah Davenport swishes a three pointer. Layden Blocker subs in for Joseph Pinion and Chandler Lawson comes in for Jeremiah Davenport. Some elite defense is wasted with a late shot clock foul. Purdue doesn't hit either free throw.

HALF: No. 14 Arkansas 31, No. 3 Purdue 26

The second half is underway, Purdue will start with the ball. A quick turnover leads to a Trevon Brazile three pointer off an assist from El Ellis. Zach Edey does his thing on the other end and finishes off a dunk. Trevon Brazile, ladies and gentlemen. The forwards hits another three pointer to give the Hogs a 37-28 lead.

Zach Edey is good. He dunks again, and Arkansas follows up with a turnover. Chandler Lawson fouls Edey, who then makes both free throws. Some clean passing leads to a Makhi Mitchell dunk off an assist from Tramon Mark. After a few possessions, Trevon Brazile is subbed out for Khalif Battle.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 39, No. 3 Purdue 34, 15:47 in 2H

Following the timeout, Purdue guard Lance Jones hits an impressive floater while being fouled. He converts the and-one to make it a two point game. Makhi Mitchell forces a Zach Edey turnover. A missed Jeremiah Davenport three pointer leads to a Purdue jumper to tie the game at 39.

The Hogs regain the lead off a shifty play from Layden Blocker, who nails a deep two. Trevon Brazile comes into the game for Makhi Mitchell. Purdue takes the lead back off a Fletcher Loyer three pointer.

Jeremiah Davenport is shifty. He works his way into the paint and hits a pullup jumper. Hogs lead 43-42. On the other end, Purdue guard Fletcher Loyer hits a layup while being fouled. He converts the and-one and the Boilermakers lead 45-43. Back-to-back turnovers by Arkansas leads to a Purdue foul.

TIMEOUT: No. 3 Purdue 45, No. 14 Arkansas 43, 11:41 in 2H

Following the timeout, Trevon Brazile is fouled on a three point shot. He hits all three shots to give the Hogs a 46-45 lead. After a Zach Edey turnover, Khalif Battle drains a three pointer. Purdue answers with a three pointer of its own.

Chandler Lawson is good. He takes one step and hits a midrange shot in front of Zach Edey. On the other end, Lawson yanks a rebound and Edey collects his fourth foul of the game. Bud Walton Arena is LOUD.

Here come the Hogs. Khalif Battle drains another three, this time from the corner. Timeout, Purdue.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 54, No. 3 Purdue 48, 9:38 in 2H

Tramon Mark SWATS a Purdue layup. That's two good defensive possessions in a row. The Boilermakers eventually score off a Gillis three pointer. Tramon Mark answers with a pullup jumper.

Another three pointer makes this a two-point game for Arkansas, 56-54. And-one, Chandler Lawson. He's fouled on a layup attempt under the rim.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 58, No. 3 Purdue 54, 7:43 in 2H

Chandler Lawson hits his free throw out of the timeout. Trevon Brazile brings the house down with a fastbreak dunk to give the Hogs a 61-54 lead. Purdue answers off a Braden Smith midrange jumper.

A Purdue missed three pointer leads to an Arkansas missed three pointer. Shortly after, Chandler Lawson is called for a foul, and the Boilermakers are shooting free throws. Trey Kaufman-Renn misses the free throw. Tramon Mark hits a layup.

Some nice Makhi Mitchell defense leads to a bad turnover on the other end by the Hogs. Purdue promptly hits a three pointer to make this a four point game, 63-59. The Boilermakers hit a layup while being fouled.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 63, No. 3 Purdue 61, 3:49 in 2H

Trey Kaufman-Renn hits the free throw, and Zach Edey is brought back into the game. Makhi Mitchell displays high effort, but is eventually called for a foul on a reach-in. He's then subbed out for Chandler Lawson. Zach Edey hits one free throw to tie the game.

Trevon Brazile is fouled on a drive-in, and hits both free throws to regain the lead. Following a Devo Davis foul, Zach Edey knocks in two free throws to tie the game again. Davonte Davis dives for a loose ball and collides with Zach Edey. Both players are hurt, but get back up and walk off the court.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 65, No. 3 Purdue 65, 2:33 in 2H

After the timeout, Chandler Lawson sends a Braden Smith layup into the stands. The Boilermakers eventually retake the lead from a Zach Edey layup. On the other end, Tramon Mark draws a foul on a midrange jumper. The Arkansas guard misses the second free throw.

Zach Edey misses a dunk but somehow gets the ball back. Tramon Mark then steals the ball. Hogs down 67-66 now. Khalif Battle misses a three pointer, and Tramon Mark fouls Braden Smith on the other end. He hits both free throws.

TIMEOUT: No. 3 Purdue 69, No. 14 Arkansas 66, 00:37 in 2H

Tramon Mark drains a three pointer off the dribble and Bud Walton Arena GOES NUTS.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 69, No. 3 Purdue 69, 00:22 in 2H

A turnover leads to an El Ellis missed two pointer. WE HAVE OVERTIME.

END OF REGULATION: No. 14 Arkansas 69, No. 3 Purdue 69


Trevon Brazile wins the tip, and Tramon Mark draws a foul on a two-point attempt. Mark misses both free throws. On the other end, Purdue misses a floater. The Razorbacks can't get anything going offensively and draw a shot-clock violation.

Braden Smith misses a pullup jumper, and Khalif Battle turns the ball over on an errant pass. Zach Edey is fouled, and knocks in both free throws to give Purdue a two-point lead.

Arkansas finally scores. El Ellis bullets into the paint and hits a layup while being fouled. He hits the free throw and the Razorbacks lead 72-71. The Hogs clamp up and gain possession under their rim. El Ellis is dynamic. He drives in and makes a floater over Zach Edey. Edey misses a layup and Trevon Brazile skies for the rebound.

Who cares if it's an exhibition. We have a review!

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 74, No. 3 Purdue 71, 1:27 in OT

After the timeout, it's Arkansas' ball on its side of the court. Tramon Mark is CLUTCH. He drives in and hits a pullup jumper to extend the Hogs' lead to five. Purdue answers off a Lance Jones three pointer. Two-point game.

Tramon Mark draws a foul and is heading to the charity stripe. He hits one free throw and the Hogs lead by three.

TIMEOUT: No. 14 Arkansas 77, No. 3 Purdue 74, 00:22 in OT

El Ellis is called for a foul before Purdue inbounds the ball. Lance Jones hits one free throw to make it a two-point game. Tramon Mark draws Zach Edey's fifth foul of the game and he is disqualified.

At the free throw line, Mark hits both free throws to give the Hogs a four-point lead with 20 seconds remaining.

Mark fores a turnover, and Chandler Lawson is fouled at midcourt. Lawson hits both free throws. Arkansas wins!

FINAL: No. 14 Arkansas 81, No. 3 Purdue 77.