Otis Kirk joins full-time

S9fxxtaht8rqxbv4kxhf picked up a big commitment Monday when recruiting analyst Otis Kirk signed a contract to work full-time with the the sports website that is powered by
Kirk has nearly 30 years experience covering recruiting. He was previously a part-time employee for, in addition to his full-time duties with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Kirk has decided to still remain with the Democrat-Gazette on a limited basis. He will now write just one article a week on Sundays. He previously managed message boards and wrote one article a week for, but his role will now increase dramatically.
"Otis Kirk is a long-time friend," Editor-in-Chief Bobby Burton said. "When it comes to covering recruiting in the state of Arkansas and for the Arkansas Razorbacks, his work is unparalleled. He is the standard. We're excited that Otis has decided to devote so much of his time to and It'll only make HawgSports and Rivals a better news resource and community for all Razorback fans."
After starting with three-and-a-half years ago after being heavily sought by Burton, Kirk realized it was something that he might end up eventually doing on a full-time basis.
"I've known Bobby Burton and Max Emfinger longer than anybody in this business, and I've always respected Bobby. The first time he asked me to work it was part-time, and I always knew then that I'd eventually end up working full-time. Bobby Burton and you (Trey Biddy), you guys are people I respect, and you make you feel like you're wanted, and it's always good to feel wanted."
Even when Kirk was employed eleswhere four years ago, he says he always subscribed to Rivals and HawgSports because he respects the way the sites are managed and enjoys the information (about 600 premium articles a day) that flows through the network.
"I think Rivals is the top-notch recruiting company in America. Recruiting is an inexact science, but they try their best to get it right, and that's all you can do in recruiting," Kirk said. "Rivals is one of the few that doesn't just stick a rating on a kid in the spring or preseason and leave it there. We can debate somebody being a star, but Rivals tries to get it right, and that's all that you can do. You don't have to agree with it, but I know they take every measure to be as accurate as possible."