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>HC: Gus Malzahn
>QB: C.J. Uzomah
>DT: Gabe Wright
>OC: Reese
Dismukes td>
>Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, senior receiver C.J. Uzomah, senior center Reese Dismukes and senior defensive tackle Gabe Wright were first up at 2014 SEC Media Days on Monday in Hoover (Ala.).
Malzahn said quarterback Nick Marshall lost the privilege to represent Auburn at SEC Media Days. He has been a model teammate and citizen up until his citation last week. Malzahn has yet to determine any further punishment for Marshall. Malzahn said he is not at the point where he might or might not suspend Marshall.
"It is a privilege and a reward to represent Auburn here at SEC Media Days. Last Friday, Nick lost that privilege," Malzahn said. "Nick made a mistake, and he'll have to deal with the consequences. I'm not ready to tell you what those consequences are at this time."
When asked about marijuana use by college football players, Malzahn was short and to the point. The response was much shorter than the question...
"Well, we have school rules, and of course I have team rules, and we abide by them."
Auburn defensive end Carl Lawson, a former 5-star recruit, had successful knee surgery last May for a torn ACL and is determined to come back later in the season.
Last year at SEC Media Days, there were some ruffled feathers between Malzahn and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema regarding player safety and some misconstrued quotes that were relayed from one coach to another. In last season's game, there was also some 'gamesmanship' with a swinging gate play and a fake player injury that appeared to be both sides taking shots at each other. Sources say Malzahn has a genuine dislike for Bielema. When asked about their relationship, Malzahn's answer was pretty standard and expected
"I think he's a real professional. I've got a lot of respect for Bret as a coach. When we're in meetings, we communicate and like I said I've got a lot of respect for him, and I know he's going to get that program where he wants it to be."
Malzahn regarding the tragic loss of former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen, who was killed in a car wreck earlier this month.
"There will be definitely something to honor Philip. Philip, that was an extremely tough thing. He was a great person. He was the very first person I ever recruited as an Auburn coach. He's got a great family. He's very unique. His teammates loved him."
Malzahn discussed the new College Football Playoff System Monday, as well.
"I think this first year we'll learn a lot about the new system, but I think it's safe to say the SEC Champion will be in the final four," Malzahn said. "I think the first year, especially, there'll be a lot of learning about the process."
Uzomah discussed opening the season against Arkansas.
"I don't think we'll be feeling the pressure as much as kind of the excitement that comes with having the season opener with an SEC opponent. The bullets start flying right off the bat, and we know it'll be a tough game. I think we're looking forward to it."
Dismukes had some interesting things to say regarding Auburn's national championship game loss in the final 13 seconds to FSU:
"Deep down inside you just have that in the back of your head that, look, you've got to be 13 seconds better getting to class, 13 seconds better at brushing your teeth, 13 seconds better at whatever you're doing."
Wright also discussed Marshall's marijuana citation last week and spoke to Marshall's character.
"Really and truly in the neighborhood and community I can account for two or three times already he's done work with the community that hasn't been mandatory, and you don't get that out of a guy with a bad attitude, you just don't."