HawgBeat - Texas Tech hires away Arkansas assistant Corey Williams after two seasons
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Texas Tech hires away Arkansas assistant Corey Williams after two seasons

Musselman's first staff at Arkansas–Corey Williams, Clay Moser and Chris Crutchfield.
Musselman's first staff at Arkansas–Corey Williams, Clay Moser and Chris Crutchfield.

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After two years on the Hill, Arkansas assistant coach Corey Williams is reportedly headed to Texas Tech to coach with new Red Raider head coach Mark Adams. Eric Musselman confirmed the news, first reported by Jeff Goodman, during his post-extension press conference.

"Corey’s incredible," Musselman said. "Sometimes new opportunities arise and you look at that as a new challenge, so we would anticipate him taking another job, and we’re going to miss him because he was a big-time part of our family, for sure.”

Williams was the head coach at Stetson for six years before joining Musselman as part of his first staff at Arkansas and the personable assistant was the lead recruiter on the majority of the Hogs' high school recruits.

The former second-round NBA draft pick helped Arkansas reach the Elite 8 in his second season and was instrumental in helping to put together a roster of almost all new faces.

Musselman will need to fill the role before the end of May and he didn't sound very concerned about the talent pool, including the one already on campus.

"I think first of all you always look internally, and Earl Boykins is on staff," Musselman said. "He’s a guy that certainly would be a great college coach. Coach (Anthony) Ruta, you know is on staff. You know, even some of the guys that are in the background. Hays Myers has been with us a long time. Pat Ackerman and Michael Musselman, all those guys aspire to be coaches. So I think, you know at first take a deep breath and look internally. And then I have a list of really just a few people that you kind of always have in the back of your mind if there’s ever any change."

Boykins, currently director of student-athlete development, coached at Douglas County High School after his career in the NBA and Ruta, the team's director of operations, was formerly an assistant coach for Musselman at Nevada for two seasons.

The Head Hog already had to replace one of his assistants after his first year, filling Chris Crutchfield's role as assistant head coach with David Patrick. Though the job's been filled since, Patrick was also rumored to be in line for head coach at UTEP within the past week.

"There’s been a lot of interest in a lot of people on our staff, which is a great thing," Musselman said. "It’s a great example when you win how everybody kind of benefits, so you know we’ll just take our time but move as quickly as we can on having a full staff."

The Razorbacks have already filled all but one open roster spot for next season, so the urgency level isn't exceptionally high at the moment–but Musselman also isn't one to dawdle on anything.

"The season’s over. I’ve been in working on Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll continue to be the lead recruiter for the portal. It’ll probably always be that way.

"We have finals coming up, and we’re not going to have our players do anything on the basketball floor while finals are coming. And then obviously they get a little bit of break, and then we come back right around May 24th."

Also very important in his timeline this off-season, Musselman wants to take his wife and family on vacation after months of work that landed him an extension through 2026.

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