UPDATE: ESPN's Basketball Power Index (BPI) projects Arkansas Razorbacks' last 3 scheduled games of 2020-21
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UPDATE: ESPN's BPI projects Arkansas' last 3 scheduled games

Arkansas is 17-5 overall and 9-4 in SEC play so far this season.
Arkansas is 17-5 overall and 9-4 in SEC play so far this season. (SEC Media)

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Arkansas is favored in each of its remaining scheduled games, but according to ESPN's Basketball Power Index, it is most likely to go 2-1 down the stretch.

Although they are heavily favored in the regular-season finale at South Carolina, the Razorbacks have less than a 60 percent chance in their two games this week against Alabama and LSU.

There is just a 22.8 percent chance of Arkansas extending its SEC winning streak to 10 games, but a 44.8 percent chance it slips up in one of the next three games.

It is unfortunate that the Razorbacks' two games against Texas A&M have been postponed because they were both likely wins. The BPI tabbed Arkansas as the 89.2 percent favorite at Bud Walton Arena and an 82.9 percent favorite on the road.

Throw those percentages into the equation and the Razorbacks would have an 87.0 percent chance of reaching 20 wins in the regular season. Without them, they need to win out to get to the 20-win mark.

A complete breakdown of the BPI's game-by-game projections and the likelihood Arkansas finishes with each possible record - from 17-8 (9-7) to 20-5 (12-4) - are listed in the charts below...

Arkansas' Game-by-Game BPI Projections
Game BPI's Chance of Winning Change since Friday

Feb. 24 - vs. Alabama



Feb. 27 - vs. LSU



March 2 - at South Carolina



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Arkansas' Possible Records, per BPI
Record (SEC) Likelihood Change since Friday

20-5 (12-4)



19-6 (11-5)



18-7 (10-6)



17-8 (9-7)