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2020 4-star WR Collin Sullivan Talks Hogs and Relationship with Stepp

Nick Lucero/Rivals.com

One of the top 2020 wide receivers in the state of Texas is blowing up and luckily, the Razorbacks have an early foot in the door with this Round Rock native. Collin Sullivan is a 6-foot-1, 182-pound wideout who is an absolutely ball hawk. Throw the ball in this prospect's vicinity and he'll come down with it. Sullivan holds nine D1 offers and just picked up an offer from Baylor after camping in Waco. Read about his top interests and his relationship with the Hogs so far:

NC: How was this spring for you and your teammates?

Sullivan: "My spring went really well, we had a lot, a lot of coaches come by. My coaches said it was the most college coaches they'd ever seen come by. There were at least a few coaches at each practice. We have a lot of good young players starting their recruitment so it's great for the program."

NC: What're your goals for your junior season?

Sullivan: "Last season we didn't have a great season at Round Rock compared to years past, there were a lot of things we were off on and I think we can do a lot better, I think I can have a great year next year. A good goal for many receivers is 1000 yards so that's what I'm going for."

NC: What skills are you working on this summer to make sure you hit that mark?

Sullivan: "In my opinion, you can work on everything, so I'm working on all my skills, there's always something you can get better at. Coaches say they like how I'm consistent and I'm a bigger, aggressive receiver."

NC: What are your visit plans for the summer?

Sullivan: "I just visited Duke, I went to camp at Baylor and Oklahoma and I'm visiting Notre Dame. I'm also going to visit Texas, and I'm coming up to Arkansas too. "

NC: How well do you know Coach Stepp and how do you like him?

Sullivan: "I've actually known Stepp for a minute. It's been a long relationship. Almost three years ago when I was an 8th grader, when they were at SMU, he saw me at a camp and he goes, 'You're just an 8th grader!?' He was the first coach to offer me last summer. It's the way he coaches that I think would be a really good fit and he's just a really good person and he's strong in his faith, which I think is important. And he cares about my family life as well."

NC: Are there any schools you grew up with an attachment to?

Sullivan: "I grew up in Maryland and I still remember when I moved to Austin at six years old, my first Christmas gift in Austin was a Texas jersey. Texas has always been a big school for me. And all the schools I'm going up to see this summer are all important to me."

NC: What are the most important factors for you in a school?

Sullivan: "The education is a huge factor for me and the environment, and the people. The people are going to be around me every single day so that's important. Those are the things I'm looking at when I'm visiting."

NC: How are your academics?

Sullivan: "I have all As and Bs, that's the house rule. It's always been that way."