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Memphis 4-star LB Tamarion McDonald talks new Arkansas offer, visit plans

Whitehaven 4-star linebacker Tamarion McDonald
Whitehaven 4-star linebacker Tamarion McDonald (

The Razorbacks are now finally in the mix for all three Whitehaven 4-star linebackers with a brand new offer for Mississippi State commit Tamarion McDonald. McDonald is teammates with Arkansas commit Martavius French and target Bryson Eason and the three best friends have been trying to pick a school that wants the lot of them.

Tennessee made big moves to get the package deal by offered McDonald a week ago and the three promptly took official visits to Knoxville. The Arkansas coaches weren't all on the same page on McDonald, the Rivals 3-stripe camp LB MVP this past spring, which ended up delaying an offer, but with the risk of losing French and Eason becoming very real, they finally pulled trigger.

"It means a lot," McDonald said after receiving a call with the offer from Chad Morris. "It's another opportunity for me to keep playing with my boys."

McDonald, Eason and French are all scheduled to take official visits in Fayetteville for the Auburn game next Saturday but it'll continue to be a battle for the trio. They have plans to officially visit Mississippi State in December before signing in the later period.

Arkansas could have had all three linebackers committed already as they were ready to jump on board during a visit in the spring, however McDonald didn't pick up his offer at that time.

Whitehaven, led by the three 4-star seniors, hasn't allowed a team to score more than 17 points all season and they sit at 5-1.

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