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Catching Up with Future Hogs: LB Zach Zimos, OT Dylan Rathcke

Arkansas brought in 11 of their 2019 signees early for spring football but there are still 16 players from the no. 20 recruiting class wrapping up their senior year of high school.

We're catching up with them all to see what they've been up to and how they've been living since the craziness of recruitment has ended.


Arkansas linebacker signee Zach Zimos was the only linebacker signed in the 2019 class, though that may change once more transfers enter the portal this spring.

The Texas native was originally committed to Cal before his recruitment caught fire and he began picking up several more offers, including Arkansas. He took official visits to Purdue, Missouri, Texas Tech and Arkansas before calling the Hogs in July.

"It's been somewhat different since recruitment ended but change is a good thing. I've been able to focus on the future instead of not knowing what all the future will bring, that definitely helps.

"Since signing, I've been working on what everyone has been doing when it comes to getting stronger, faster, the little movements, first steps, footwork and gaining good weight.

"Being able to come up on campus for three days instead of going to the spring game was very beneficial. I was getting in as much knowledge of the playbook as possible and being with coaches and teammates too. I know once I get on campus the weight will come so I'm focusing on not gaining unnecessary weight. I'm at 210 right now but I've given up soda for over two years now and candy for months as well." - Zimos

Read more about Zimos in his signing day profile.

University Lab standout Dylan Rathcke committed to Arkansas just two weeks after receiving his scholarship offer, and then he went on to win a back-to-back Louisiana State Championship. He was the first commit out of Louisiana for the Hogs in the 2019 class, they went on to add two 4-star defensive backs in Greg Brooks Jr. and Devin Bush who are already enrolled.

"Life has been a lot less eventful since recruitment ended. It's just been school, training and messing around.

"In preparation for college football I've been training with Garry Frank. Mr. Frank held the world's strongest man title for many years, played football at Mississippi State and multiple pro teams.

"I've been focusing on strength but also keeping footwork and flexibility a concern. Right now I'm weighing in at 320 pounds. I haven't done any maxes since the end of football but I fully believe I've gained drastically in them."

Read more about Rathcke in his signing day profile.

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