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Catching Up with Future Hogs: Oklahoma DL Collin Clay

Arkansas brought in 11 of their 2019 signees early for spring football but there are still 16 players from the no. 20 recruiting class wrapping up their senior year of high school.

We're catching up with them all to see what they've been up to and how they've been living since the craziness of recruitment has ended.

Yesterday, we caught up with linebacker Zach Zimos and offensive lineman Dylan Rathcke, read that story here.


Arkansas's leading commit recruiter Collin Clay was one of the most sought after recruits in the nation with 21 offers and he was one of the highest ranked signees for Arkansas, listed at no. 176 in the country.

Clay played defensive end at Putnam City High School but he could be moved to defensive tackle if necessary given the weight he's been putting on this spring. The 4-star recapped how he's been doing since recruitment ended:

"Since signing day, I've been lifting and also spending more time with my family because I didn't do a lot of that during the season. I was about 270 around signing day and now I weigh in at 285. My maxes have gone up too.

"I'm just excited to get to campus and get started. Even though I'm not on campus I feel like I still have a good start for when I get to campus."

Around signing day all the signees were chatting and communicating through twitter and a group chat but that has died down since more than a third of the group is already at Arkansas.

"I wish I was there with them but I'm grinding like I'm with them. I really don't hear much from them now, I let them handle their business and I handle mine. We all talked at the spring game but we know the plan."

Read more about Collin Clay in his signing day profile.

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