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Arkansas Projected 2021 Football Scholarship Distribution

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Freshman quarterback Malik Hornsby.
Freshman quarterback Malik Hornsby. (Arkansas Athletics)

**2021 FALL CAMP HQ**

As news of commitments, transfers and other roster-related news trickles out over the season and offseason, HawgBeat will update this list and continue to do so until the 85 scholarship players are finalized at the beginning of the 2021 season.

The 2021 season will be unique and scholarship numbers will be expanded due to NCAA COVID-19 legislation. All football players retained their year of eligibility in 2020, meaning seniors had the option to return for an extra season. Those players don't count against the 85-man scholarship limit, unless they transferred in from another school.

That eligibility relief technically kept all players at the same eligibility level for 2021, but the UA has listed them as if the year counted. For example, Bumper Pool was a junior last year and is listed as a senior on the 2021 roster, but he could technically return for an extra senior season in 2022.

Because of that, HawgBeat has decided to list the players below how they appear on the roster, but keep in mind that they still have the option of an extra year.



- OL Myron Cunningham
- OL Ty Clary
- LB Grant Morgan
- WR De'Vion Warren
- TE Blake Kern
- WR/RB TJ Hammonds
- DL Dorian Gerald
- LB Deon Edwards
- WR Tyson Morris
- LB Hayden Henry


- DT Jonathan Marshall - NFL Draft
- QB Feleipe Franks - NFL Draft
- RB Rakeem Boyd - opt out/NFL Draft
- DB Jerry Jacobs - opt out/NFL Draft
- DL Xavier Kelly - NFL Draft
- OL Chibueze Nwanna - transfer portal
- QB Jack Lindsey - transfer portal
- DB Micahh Smith - transfer portal
- K AJ Reed - graduation


- RB A'Montae Spivey - transfer
- WR Shamar Nash - transfer
- DB Jarques McClellion - transfer
- DB Myles Mason - transfer
- DE Julius Coates - transfer
- DE Blayne Toll - transfer
- OL Noah Gatlin - medical retirement
- DB Jordon Curtis - opted out of 2020/left team
- DL David Porter - left team
- WR Mike Woods - transfer
- DL Enoch Jackson - transfer
- P George Caratan - transfer
- DL Nicholas Fulwider - transfer
- LB Levi Draper - medical retirement
- TE Koilan Jackson - medical retirement

CURRENT SCHOLARSHIP COUNT (w/o covid seniors): 83

*transfer addition | **2021 signee | ***Former walk-on

Quarterback (4)

John Stephen Jones - redshirt junior
KJ Jefferson - redshirt sophomore
Malik Hornsby - redshirt freshman
**Lucas Coley - freshman (early enrollee)

Running back (6)

TJ Hammonds - COVID senior

Trelon Smith - redshirt senior
Josh Oglesby - redshirt junior
Dominique Johnson - sophomore
**AJ Green - freshman
**Javion Hunt - freshman (early enrollee)
**Raheim Sanders - freshman (early enrollee)

Wide receiver (8)

De'Vion Warren - COVID senior
Tyson Morris - COVID senior

Kendall Catalon - redshirt senior
Jaquayln Crawford - redshirt junior
***Warren Thompson - redshirt junior
Treylon Burks - junior
Darin Turner - redshirt freshman
**KeTron Jackson - freshman (early enrollee)
**Jaedon Wilson - freshman (early enrollee)
**Bryce Stephens - freshman

Tight end (5)

Blake Kern - COVID senior

Hudson Henry - redshirt sophomore
Trey Knox - junior
Collin Sutherland - redshirt freshman
**Erin Outley - freshman
**Landon Rogers - freshman

Offensive line (15)

Myron Cunningham - COVID senior
Ty Clary - COVID senior

Shane Clenin - redshirt senior
Dalton Wagner - redshirt senior
Ryan Winkel - redshirt junior
Luke Jones - redshirt junior
Ricky Stromberg - junior
Brady Latham - redshirt sophomore
Beaux Limmer - redshirt sophomore
Dylan Rathcke - redshirt sophomore
*Ty'Kieast Crawford - sophomore
Marcus Henderson - sophomore
Ray Curry - redshirt freshman
Jalen St. John - redshirt freshman
**Cole Carson - freshman
**Terry Wells - freshman
**Devon Manuel - freshman

Defensive line (15)

Dorian Gerald - COVID senior

*Tre Williams - redshirt COVID senior
*Markell Utsey - redshirt COVID senior
*John Ridgeway - redshirt senior
Isaiah Nichols - redshirt junior
Mataio Soli - junior
Zach Williams - junior
**Jalen Williams - junior (early enrollee)
Taurean Carter - redshirt sophomore
Eric Gregory - redshirt sophomore
Marcus Miller - redshirt sophomore
Jashaud Stewart - sophomore
Eric Thomas Jr. - sophomore
Andy Boykin - redshirt freshman
**Solomon Wright - freshman
**Cameron Ball - freshman

Linebacker (6)

Grant Morgan - Covid senior
Hayden Henry - Covid senior
Deon Edwards - Covid senior

Bumper Pool - senior
Andrew Parker - redshirt junior
Kelin Burrle - redshirt freshman
JT Towers - redshirt freshman
**Marco Avant - freshman (early enrollee)
**Christopher Paul - freshman (early enrollee)

Defensive back (20)

Montaric Brown - redshirt senior
Joe Foucha - senior
LaDarrius Bishop - redshirt junior
***Simeon Blair - redshirt junior
*Trent Gordon - redshirt junior
***Nathan Parodi - redshirt junior
Greg Brooks Jr. - junior
Malik Chavis - redshirt sophomore
Devin Bush - redshirt sophomore
Jalen Catalon - redshirt sophomore
Zach Zimos - redshirt sophomore
***Hudson Clark - redshirt sophomore
Khari Johnson - sophomore
Myles Slusher - sophomore
Nick Turner - sophomore
Jacorrei Turner - redshirt freshman
**Chase Lowery - freshman
**Keuan Parker - freshman
**Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan - freshman (early enrollee)
**Jayden Johnson - freshman (early enrollee)

Specialists (4)

***LS Jordan Silver - redshirt senior
***P Reid Bauer - redshirt junior
***K Vito Calvaruso - sophomore
**K/P Cameron Little - freshman (early enrollee)